Dance for Peace

For students from any nationality and ethnic group, we provide an online dancing performance opportunity. By video-recording their performance, students can show their talents and own dance art though internet. Dance for Peace also plays vital role in dance art exchanges, allowing students to experience various cultures.


Programme curated by Mr YU Chiu-for & Mr Thirupathi Nachiappan

2022 pcc event video

Programme details

Target participants

  • Students of dance schools in Hong Kong
  • Dance teams in primary / secondary schools
  • Dance groups of youth in the Greater Bay Area

Participant groups

Participants should form a group and enrol in the corresponding participant group as shown below.

Participant groups can comprise dancers from any nationality or ethnic group.

Participant GroupNo. of participants
Single dance1 person
Double dance2 persons
Threesome dance3 persons
Group dance4 persons or above


All participant groups and individuals will be issued a certificate of participation.



To join this programme, form a group and click “join programme” to fill in the application form.

After successful enrolment, you will receive further instructions about the programme.


Record dance performance

Accomplish a complete dance performance (including dance and soundtrack) within the limited time and video-record the entire performance.

Please include the message in your video.


You may follow the instruction

Cultural exchange Punjabi Dance


Submit recording & description

Submit (1) your video recording and (2) a text file containing a description of your work here on or before the deadline.

To submit your work

Click the “Submit Recording” button; you will be redirected to the video uploading platform.

If you encounter any problems while uploading your recording, please email us at peace@unesco.hk.

2022 Summer Programme is in Progress.
All compositions must be submitted on or before

30 June, 2022
Submission closed


Online performance

A selection of video recordings will be premiered online during the 8th Peacemakers’ Cultural Celebration.


  • There is no guarantee that all submitted performances will be premiered during the 8th Peacemakers’ Cultural Celebration. A selection of performances will be featured in this website instead.
  • As this programme is not a contest, all performances will not be adjudicated nor scored.