Cross-Cultural Exhibition

The Cross-cultural Exhibition aims to showcase different culture to promote intercultural understanding and encourage intercultural dialogue. Culture shapes our identity and influences our daily behaviour.  Through open dialog we develop empathy, and appreciation of diversity and different cultures which is the foundation to a peaceful world.   

On this site, we bring together a collection of exhibitions to promote peace and sustainable development. We encourage you to visit the exhibitions and dialogue with us and each other on the subject presented. 

Programme curated by UNESCO HK Glocal Peace Centre

2022 pcc event video


8th Peacemakers' Cultural Celebration Highlights cum Chinese Ethnic Minorities Exhibition

The 8th Peacemakers’ Cultural Celebration performance and award recording was featured in this event along with a photo exhibition of the Cross Cultural Exhibition of China ethnic group, from Aug 23-31 2022 at the Central Market

Exhibition Video

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"Countries and their Culture" Virtual Exhibition

Ready to have a remote tour of our participating countries? Check out the videos and artworks we have presented and taste the diversity of global cultures. Throughout the tours you can understand appreciate the unique difference of lifestyles and values and reflect on the peacemaking of cultural inclusion and diversity.

- United Arab Emirates (UAE) -

Feeling excited to have a virtual tour of the UAE? The below videos, produced by UNESCO HK Glocal Peace Centre in collaboration with the UAE Consulate in HK, will present to you a fascinating array of cultural virtues, including camel, pearl diving and falconry. In addition, you will learn how the UAE strives for a comprehensive achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by promoting diversity, scaling up education and combating climate crisis and the pandemic. We hope you can experience these prized traditional Arab values even at home!

"Peace And Sustainability" Fashion Design Competition 2022

Exhibition Video

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