The Peacemaker’s Cultural Celebration is a yearly programme on the theme of Peace and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It serves as a platform for community-based activities to encourage intercultural dialogues. The programme aims to promote peace and the global 17 Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDGs)open_in_new to youth and the public. Through a series of Peace and cultural workshops and activities, the programme celebrates the cultural diversity of Hong Kong and bring opportunities to build peace and harmony.

2020 to 2022 were challenging years with the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting all aspects of our lives. It is all the more important to reunite peacemakers in renewed efforts to build peace and harmony in society, guided by the 17 SDGs. The 8th Peacemakers’ Cultural Celebration has been completely virtualised, bringing peacemakers across geographical boundaries together, featuring nine actions for peace programmes of cultural, educational, interactive, creative and competition activities, all conducted virtually.

The 8th Peacemakers’ Cultural Celebration was held on July 17th 2022 as an online event, showcasing the accomplishments of the nine Actions for Peace programmes. The event includes award presentations, performances and celebration.

The 8th Peacemakers’ Cultural Celebration (2020-2022) Highlight Video

2022 Full celebration event Video

The 8th Peacemakers’ Cultural Celebration performance and award presentation was featured in the “8th Peacemakers’ Cultural Celebration Highlights cum Chinese Ethnic Minorities Photo Exhibition”, held from August 23-31 2022 at the Central Market.

one-min Exhibition tour

2022 PCC Central Market Exhibition ceremony