2018 Donation & Sponsors 捐款贊助

Peace Engagement Scheme for Youth「和平 · 動起來」青年計劃贊助

Only HK$100 can sponsor ONE student as our Peacemaker (refer to sponsorship package)😊

Peace Engagement Scheme for Youth:

  • Highlight of the 2017-2018 UNESCO HK Peace Project;
  • Aims to deepen understanding of UNESCO’s core mission, peace, SDGs and Belt & Road initiative among youths;
  • Sponsorship is a recognition of youth’s ACTIONS for PEACE;
  • Motivate youth to become proactive contributors to a more peaceful, and tolerant and sustainable world.

2018 Peacemakers Programme Sponsorship


  • 和平大使文化慶典 – 「2017-18和平項目」的重頭戲;
  • 加深青年對聯合國教科文組織的了解,認識17個可持續發展目標作為和平基石的理念及「一帶一路」;
  • 支持鼓勵青年參與「和平 · 動起來」;
  • 鼓勵青年主動貢獻社區,建立和平、包容及可持續發展。

2018 「和平 · 動起來」青年計劃贊助

Peacemakers’ Cultural Celebration Sponsor 和平大使文化慶典活動贊助

Platinum sponsor 白金級贊助
Gold sponsor 金級贊助
Silver sponsor 銀級贊助
Classic sponsor 經典贊助

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Advertisement 廣告贊助

2018 Peace Engagement Youth Programme Sponsor advertisement Order Form can be downloaded and return to us before 20 January, 2018.