Run for Peace 跑出和平

Family Fun Run親子競技跑

Finish a 100m race with your child and complete four tasks in the run!

  1. Transfer balloons with child (20m)
  2. Transfer balloons using newspaper (20m)
  3. Cross the river by stepping on newspaper (20m)
  4. Family short run. Sit on the balloon at the endpoint and pop it to finish the race (20m)

和孩子一起衝過100米賽道, 當中要完成個四項任務!

  1. 親子轉送汽球 (20米)
  2. 親子報紙運汽球 (20米)
  3. 親子踩報紙過河(20米)
  4. 親子短跑, 終點一起坐爆氣球 (20米)