Programme 活動

Programme Highlights 活動內容:

Sing for Peace 唱出和平

Singers of different background use music and lyrics to reflect the meaning of Peace


Dance for Peace 跳出和平


Through multi-cultural dance performances, interactive games and activities, we wish to not only involve as many local young adults, children and families in this event, but more importantly, to transmit the concept of “Peace” to a broader audience.

Calligraphy for Peace 寫出和平

Embrace the culture of Chinese calligraphy by writing traditional  Chinese . Demonstrate writing with the Chinese word ‘Fu’, and integrate it with Arabic numerals 2018, Chinese or English name and English word ‘peace’.

介紹雅俗共賞書法文化,即席以傳統大紅灑金紅色宣紙作「和平祝福」揮毫。為嘉賓添「福」氣,帶來和諧共融 — 在福字菱形內,以「印章」白文的形式分別加上2019(阿拉伯數字);中英文姓名;和平(英文字)Peace 等。

Wellness for Peace 禔身和平

We all wish for world peace, but world peace will never be achieved unless we first establish peace within our own minds.  –  Geshe Kelsang Gyasto –

我們都希望世界和平,但我們首先要在自己的思想中建立和平,否則世界和平永遠不會實現。 – 格桑嘉措 –

While learning how to develop inner peace through the practice of yoga, you have the ability to inspire others.  This event provides a tranquil environment for a supportive community of people working to become more peaceful.

在學習如何通過瑜伽讓內心平靜的同時,你也有能力激勵他人。 這項活動會提供一個寧靜與適合冥想的環境讓社區一起感受內心心靈的平靜和變得更和平。

Plant for Peace 種出和平

Growing our own food is the first step in making a difference for our planet, our communities and ourselves, and paves the way towards a more sustainable future.  Visit Rooftop Republic Urban Farming’s booth to learn more about how citizen action can help change the future of our food, and join in an interactive hands-on planting workshop where you get to grow your own edibles and take it home to grow.

自行在家種植食物是改變地球、社區及人類的第一步,並把我們導向一個可持續發展的未來。參觀介紹天台農莊的攤位以了解更多有關我們可以如何改變未來的糧食 。你也可以參與小盆栽種植工作坊,親自體驗種植食物並把它帶回家等待收成,享用自己種出的蔬果。