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和平大使文化慶典 Peacemakers’ Cultural Celebration


  • 與會者成為一個更公正,和平,寬容和可持續世界的主動和有遠見的貢獻者;
  • 鼓勵青年反思和平如何有助於和平與世界的可持續性;
  • 讓社區一起為和平而努力。

主題是和平與可持續發展目標(SDGs),以促進和平和17個可持續發展全球目標的公眾。 慶祝活動透過一系列的和平文化工作坊及活動等,展現香港的文化多元性,傳達十七個可持續發展目標對和平與可持續發展的重要作用。

Peacemaker’s Cultural Celebration is a platform for community-based activities to encourage inter-cultural dialogues.

  • Participants to become proactive and visionary contributors to a more just, peaceful, tolerant and sustainable world;
  • Encourage youth to reflect how peace contributes to peace and world sustainability;
  • Bring the community together to work for peace.

The theme is Peace and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to promote peace and the 17 Sustainable Development Global Goals to the public. Through a series of Peace and cultural workshops and activities etc, the Celebration shows the cultural diversity of Hong Kong and convey the message of the importance role of the 17 SDGs to Peace and Sustainable Development.

workshop, paper maze, parent-child obstacle run, performances.









香港教科文組織協會有限公司是“稅務條例”第88條下的慈善機構。 (稅務局編號:91/10053)

聯合國教科文組織香港協會(UNESCO HK)致力於促進和實現教科文組織的使命,在尊重共同價值的基礎上為不同文明,文化和人民之間的對話創造條件。

About Glocal Peace Centre

Support UNESCO’s vision “building peace in the minds of men and women” Promote community awareness and commitments to PEACE: social, cultural, individual & ecological peace, and related issues including international understanding.


Co-Create a Better World – Work Together to Build a Community of Shared Future for Mankind.


To Promote Peace, Durable Stability and Global Harmony, both within and among all nations and peoples, through “Actions for Peace” and Global Development.

About UNESCO Hong Kong Association

UNESCO Hong Kong Association Limited is a charitable institution under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. (IRD Ref No. 91/10053)

UNESCO Hong Kong Association (UNESCO HK) is dedicated to facilitating and achieving UNESCO’s mission, creating conditions for dialogue among civilizations, cultures and peoples based upon respect for commonly shared values.

2012-2013 Peace for All Programme
2013-2014 Peace for All Programme

2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KE4G59Rhyh0&t=5s

2014-2015 Fostering Global Citizen Youth Programme

2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2ZlkSZT4BI

2015-2016 Peace & Sustainable Development Youth Programme

Event highlight of Peacemakers Cultural Celebration