5 Aspects of Peace 五個和平概念

Individual Peace 心靈和平

Peace and the individual 和平與個人

In daily life, we can cultivate peace within ourselves that involves others. We should only bear kind thoughts, speak kindly, and act with considerations of others.


Social Peace社會和平

Peace in society and community

Be mindful of one’s roles and responsibilities as members of the society and do our part. Collectively, we can achieve greater things than we can by ourselves.


Cultural Peace 文化共融

Peace across cultures, peace through cultures 透過和平跨越文化

Preservation and respect of differences, multiple cultures and perspectives enrich our lives. As cultures are shared meanings and values, let peace be the culture that unites us all.


Ecological Peace 生態和平

Preservation of ecology and peace 保護生態與和平

Start by being conscious of our day-to-day action in a holistic manner.  Start by reducing our use of energy, water, materials, and food to minimize waste. Make a small change every day.


Political Peace 政治和平

Advocacy for peace for all 倡議和平

In our day-to-day life, we must uphold principles and beliefs that peace can only be founded upon partnership. Be a peacemaker by preserving harmony and unity.