Actions for Peace

Calligraphy for Peace

Calligraphy writes from hearts and expresses through the ink. Calligraphy has a variety of ever-changing lines, but in the end, it can be integrated into harmonious words. Every word and every line are mutually restrained and set off each other. The value of “Peace” is perfectly reflected in the beauty of the harmony of calligraphy.

Dance for Peace

Dance is an international language and a tool for creating social cohesion. Dance is a body language that can be seen in all cultures as a “world language.” Dance is a dialogue technique expressed in thousands of different cultures. When you study, perform and enjoy sharing dances. When you express, communicate, propagate and appreciated through dancing, peace arises spontaneously.

Wellness for Peace

The harmony of the body is the foundation of peace of mind. In the hustle and bustle city, yoga can bring us a moment of relaxation and tranquility. In a stress-filled world, resonance with our body, mind, and emotions, everyone needs a spiritual space that can lead themselves away from the outside world. Wellness can make us healthier, nourishing the soul, and tending to peace and harmony.

Plant for Peace

Through a farming method that is compatible with the natural environment, we can grow a variety of crops and coexist harmoniously with natural creatures. In the process of planting, we understand the interdependence and mutual promotion between people and the natural. Learn to respect nature, and live in peace with the environment and ecology.

Draw for Peace

The focus of drawing is never on aesthetics, but on feelings. People draw their own personal experience or unspeakable emotions, as a way to improve their inner self-consciousness. Through drawing, people can re-recognize themselves and calm their hearts. Drawing also emphasizes mutual coordination. Through group creation, we can draw each other closer and learn to be communion.